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Quality Siding & Trim Board

Order the logs you need for your job from CTI, located in Califon, New Jersey. We supply Paulownia logs and other types of wood to siding companies, lumber yards, and other businesses. All of our logs are properly scaled for manufacturing, and guaranteed to be of excellent quality. In addition, they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Wood Logs


Stock up on Paulownia for your next siding and trim board project. Paulownia is a soft hardwood native to China that is light in color, with an uneven, porous texture. It's an ideal wood to use for siding and trim board because it's lightweight, has a high weight-to-strength ratio, is easy to install, and looks great on just about any building. Other benefits include:

  • Resistant to Rotting, Decaying, Insects, & Fire
  • Does Not Split or Bow
  • Offers Low Shrinkage & Expansion
  • Offers Low Thermal Conductivity

Order & Delivery

We carry Paulownia wholesale at very reasonable prices. It comes in all standard sizes, with custom sizes available upon request. We offer traditional white, gray, and beige colors, along with custom colors. The Paulownia comes in 40' container loads, with different sizes and shapes available per load. Choose saw, rotary, or veneer logs.

Contact us to order and deliver a load of Paulownia to your company or construction site. We offer on-time delivery within eight weeks for all orders.