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Quality Logs

Veneer Logs

All the species we offer are available as sliced veneer logs in several different grades and selections and as rotary veneer logs or we cut and grade the logs to your specific specifications. For quality control, we trim both ends of the logs at the time of inspection and the logs are s-hooked and waxed prior to shipment.

Saw Logs

We offer the same species we offer as veneer logs in several different grades as saw logs. They are prepared with the same care we prepare our veneer logs and rotary logs. Our customers can purchase either one grade or mixed grades.


We sell our logs based on three different scales: Doyle scale, International scale and in cubic meters.


Our veneer logs are purchased in southern PA, MD and VA. The grading is similar to the grading of Birch, Natural or White.

Black Cherry

Our primary selection is for color and gum content. The second criteria is size. We separate veneer logs in 4 clear face and 3 clear face. The procurement area is NY, PA and VA.

Black Walnut

CTI purchases these logs in Missouri, Iowa and other States in the Midwest and separates the grades in 4 clear face and 3 clear face veneer logs. Further separations are made in different diameter classes.

Hard Maple

Most of our Hard Maple logs are from the New England States and upstate New York, but we also purchase veneer and rotary logs in Canada.

Other names are Sugar Maple or Rock Maple.


We mix the Smooth Bark and Shag Bark in our sales. Hickory has only a limited value in international sales. The Smooth Bark Hickory is also called Pignut Hickory and the Shag Bark.

Hickory is also called Shellbark Hickory.

Red Oak

Red Oak is one of the dominant species in the Northeastern US, the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains. We harvest logs in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Additional logs are purchased the New England States, PA, NJ, and VA.

Sometimes Red Oak is also called Grey Oak.

White Oak

White Oak is one of the top three species at CTI. We produce slicer veneer logs in several different sorts as well as 3-face logs. However, our specialty is rift logs with light color. In some areas in the US White Oak is also called Stave Oak.

Yellow Poplar

We have three basic separations by color and additional grades by size or quality.

Yellow Poplar is also called Tulipwood, American Whitewood or Tulip Tree.

Misc. Species

In addition to the above species we can supply Soft or Red Maple, Tupelo, Gum and Cedar. Please send us your requests and we will quote promptly.